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Reliable Backhoe Loader Supplier

HIXEN is one of the leading backhoe loader suppliers and manufacturers based in China. Over the years, we have been focusing on technology innovation and precise manufacturing. With respect to clients, suppliers, and partners, we always provide the most reliable backhoes. And we are responsible for each product from our factory. 

Featured Backhoe Loader Lineup

Backhoe loaders are heavy-duty construction machines that combined the function of excavators and loaders that can be used for a variety of tasks. At HIXEN, you will find the most cost-effective backhoe loaders with optimal performance for a wide range of applications. The smallest WZ10-20 model with an engine power of 37Kw and weight of 3400KG which is designed from a wheel loader. While the biggest one is our WZ40-28 model with an operating weight of 8200KG and engine power of 85KW. 

Our Loader-Mounted Backhoe Series

Besides the above backhoes, we also have the loader-based backhoes for sale. There are four basics models here. These models are designed from the wheel loaders, while a backhoe or an excavator digging arm mounted on the back of the machine. 

Download Full Catalog to View More Products

Download our catalog for an overview of all of our current product offerings, including features and benefits, specifications, performances, details, and designs. Or you can ask us directly about our backhoe loaders. 

Great Features of HIXEN Backhoe Loader

HIXEN backhoe loaders have great features with superior performance. We list some of the main points. Kindly please check the real shot of this machine.

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Applications of Backhoe Loaders

Backhoes are known for their versatility and maneuverability. They can be used on many job sites and can navigate rough terrain. They’re well suited to tasks such as digging, loading, trenching, and backfilling. They’re not just for construction projects, either. They can be used for agriculture, landscaping, paving, and other projects too.

Better Service, Higher Quality

We promise the reliability of each backhoe loader from us. And we have to admit there are not so many service centers around the world like the big brand such as John Deere, JCB, or Caterpillar. But our service never compromises. 


A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose HIXEN Backhoe Loader

As a trustworthy construction machines manufacturer, you have good reasons to choose us. HIXEN has been engaged with backhoe loaders for many years with a good reputation. Until now, the machines have been supplied to over 20 countries. Some of the models could satisfy the EPA Tier4 or EU stage 5 emission standard. 

HIXEN backhoe loader manufacturer and supplier

Customer-Focused: We offer application-specific solutions through best products that fully fit the needs of our customers.

Technology-driven: We focus on the latest technology and advanced production management, ensuring the products are built to satisfy current and future demands. 

Responsibility:  We are in charge of each product coming from our factory. Your payment will be safe, and your after-sales problems will be guaranteed. 

Have More Questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and company.

Everything you should know about Backhoe loaders

Backhoe loaders are popular pieces of construction equipment seen on many job sites.  Sometimes, people called them the swiss army knife of heavy equipment, which are great for excavation and earthmoving projects of all size.

What Is A Backhoe Loader?

backhoe loader, also called a backhoe excavator, or colloquially shortened to backhoe within the industry, is a heavy equipment vehicle that consists of a tractor or loader-like unit fitted with a bucket on the front and a backhoe or digger on the back. Due to its  small size and versatility, backhoe loaders are very common in urban engineering and small construction projects.

Benefits of Using A Backhoe Loader

  • Great Versatility – Backhoe loaders are equipped with a bucket on the front side and a digging arm backward that can perform many different tasks, such as digging, demolitions, moving materials, landscaping, breaking asphalt, and paving roads. Attachments can expand the range of what they can do.
  • Better Stability –A backhoe’s stabilizers help keep it from tipping over and provide it with greater leverage. Machines equipped with rollover protection and seat belts provide added safety.
  • Diversity –As time passed by, there are many sized backhoe loaders for your choice. If you only need to do a small job, then you can choose a compact backhoe loader.  Certainly, the bigger ones are like the heavy construction machines but have better mobility. 
  • Efficient –The backhoe loader could always complete most jobs at great efficiency. With the help of the quick hitch and attachments, it can finish different jobs in an efficient way. 

The Different Attachments for A Backhoe

The backhoe can be fitted with several hydraulic power attachments. This allows the machine to be used for other tasks besides lifting and digging.

The most common backhoe attachments used by contractors are breakers and hammers, especially when doing road work projects. They allow the operator to break up rocky soils, asphalt, and concrete with more power than a skid steer would be able to have. Another common attachment is the tiger tooth attachment which is good to break through frost or harder soil. This makes backhoes a valuable piece of equipment, especially in northern climates where ice and snowfall are more common.

The typical attachments list

  • Buckets with thumbs
  • Hammers
  • Couplers
  • Compactors
  • Rippers
  • Brooms and street sweepers
  • Snowplows and snow pushes
  • Augers

Applications of Backhoe Loader

  • Moving heavy loads of boulders, rocks, dirt, or gravel.
  • Paving parking lots
  • Digging up trees and moving them to new locations.
  • Material transport or cleaning up a work site.
  • Digging for pipelines 
  • Trenching for cable laying
  • Road construction

Basic Safe Operation of Backhoes

  • Maintain the machine regularly as the instructions
  • Check the whole body before going inside the cabin
  • Before start the backhoe loader, remember to wear a seatbelt
  • When starting the operation work, put down the outriggers to keep the body stable. 
  • Never exceed the maximum operating weight of the machine 
  • When moving loads, travel with loads low and close to the ground
  • Be mindful of visibility when moving loads or material 
  • Always check blind spots before moving
  • Never use a bucket to lift or carry people
  • Driving speeds on-site should not be too high, better under 10km/h.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Backhoe Loader

1. Engine Power

Engine power could be the most important factor to consider when deciding which skid steer loader to choose. If too small, the engine will not be powered enough to complete the jobs. Meanwhile, there could some waste if the engine power is too big. Also, the cost of the machine is depending on engine power so we have to take this point into most important consideration. 

2. Bucket Size

The bucket sizes determine what kind of loads could be lifted. If you choose a very small bucket, then the loading and moving efficiency will be sacrificed. And if the size is too big with full loads, then it will bring some risks for the whole body. So choosing the right bucket size is an import factor to consider. 

3. Versatility of the components

For the construction machine operator or owner, the most concerning problem is whether they could find the parts or components easily locally when facing an equipment breakdown. So before buying a backhoe loader, you must consider the machine’s components’ versatility. 

If you find most components or parts in this backhoe loader are the common ones that are quite easy to get, then don’t hesitate to choose on the condition that it is the same price and configuration as others. 

4. Digging Reach

Regarded as half of the excavator, the digging height and depth is an important figure of a backhoe loader. The digging depth of your backhoe can vary based on the size. Compact backhoes can dig up to 6-8 feet down, and larger models are able to dig 14 feet down. You’ll want to ask yourself how deep you need to go, whether you’re uprooting trees or digging a hole for a swimming pool.

5. Backhoe Attachments Availability

Before choosing a backhoe loader, you should be clear about what kind of attachments it could be attached. Just as described above, select some of them according to your actual work. Of you can take some advice from the machine suppliers. ou may benefit from certain backhoe attachments. Buckets aren’t the only attachments available for backhoes. Other tools that can be fitted to a backhoe’s boom include augers, grapples, hammers, rippers, and thumbs. Only with the right attached tools, the backhoes could reach their utmost utilization.

Why Choose HIXEN for A Backhoe Loader

HIXEN is made up of experienced engineers known for construction machine manufacturing of the highest quality. The company has got CE certified and also has EPA Tier4 and Euro5 emission standard certifications for its products. For a further focus on quality, HIXEN adopts a very strict testing and commission before the products delivered. 

  • Excellent technical support services
  • 13 years of experience
  • Skilled staff consisting of 110+ members
  • Exported to more than 30 countries.
  • Over 2000 sets machines output per year 


Backhoe loaders have more advanced functions than other construction types of equipment. But it also depends on the fact of which manufacturer to choose. Contact us now and get your quote to purchase a backhoe loader or its required attachments.

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