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HIXEN telescopic wheel loader supplier

Reliable Telescopic Loader Supplier

HIXEN telescopic wheel loaders are the perfect combination of the reaching height of telehandlers and the maneuverability of wheel loaders.  Designed on the basis of a classic wheel loader, the telescopic wheel loader is equipped with an extendable telescopic lift boom that can lift to a greater height, enabling it to carry out much more than typical wheel loader tasks in material handling. 

Thanks to the strong steel frame and the powerful telescopic boom, it is made for continuous operation in tough conditions. The great benefits include its diversity of applications, longer reach capacity, maneuverability, versatility, and easy ingress into the cab.

Now we have 4 basic models of telescopic wheel loaders. Kindly please view the lineup or download our catalog for a detailed acknowledgment. 

Featured Telescopic Loaders Lineup

Telescopic loaders are versatile machines designed for loading, stacking and dumping materials and can easily manage high-sided trucks and material containers. At HIXEN, you will find the most cost-effective telescopic loaders with optimal performance for a wide range of applications. Our telescopic wheel loaders are true multi-talents and extremely flexible in their application thanks to the large number of attachments.

Also, Our range of telescopic wheel loaders are with an articulated steering system which enables them to turn at a very short radius. In addition to high functionality, they also enjoy great working comfort and excellent safety standards that make them ideal for work in the agricultural and constructions. 

Download Full Catalog to View More Products

Download our catalog for an overview of all of our current product offerings, including features and benefits, specifications, performances, details, and designs. Or you can ask us directly about our telescopic wheel loaders. 


Applications of Telescopic Loaders

Great Features of Telescopic Loaders

A telescopic loader is a machine with the high-reach prowess of a telescopic handler combined with the bucket and attachment capabilities of a compact wheel loader. With articulated steering, telescopic reach, and compatibility with a huge range of attachments, HIXEN telescopic loaders deliver all the benefits of a wheel loader and a telescopic handler in a single machine.

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A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose HIXEN Telescopic Wheel Loader

Since the year of 2009, we started construction machine manufacturing. As technology develops and the market expands, the telescopic wheel loader has been playing an important role in modern construction sites. Based on our mature manufacturing experience, we started this kind of machine and it proves to be of great popularity. Over the years, we have supplied over 30 countries including our domestic market. We offer you our telescopic wheel loaders already with good, comprehensive, and heavy-duty standard equipment.


More Stability

HIXEN telescopic loaders provide more stability through their reinforced structure and frame. High levels of thrust and traction enable it to carry out typical wheel loader tasks in material handling. The telescopic loader’s centre of gravity remains in the centre of the machine when transporting large loads or during steering which increases additional stability. Also, the standard counterweight enhanced the whole stability of the body. 

Intelligent overload hydraulic system

HIXEN has equipped telescopic loaders with a load-sensing hydraulic system.  In the critical area before the stability limit is reached, the intelligent overload system ensures that the movements of the working hydraulics are slowed down to a standstill. The telescopic boom can then only be used to improve the stability of the machine.

Comfortable Operation Environment

With an impressive view inside the cabin of the telescopic loader and an adjustable seat with all buttons at hand, our machine provides a comfortable operation environment in addition to superb visibility.

Made for multiple applications with ease

HIXEN telescopic loaders are powered enough matched with the transmission system. They can operate different attachments for different tasks, both wheel loader and telehandler operations – loading and unloading heavy material, assembling and compacting, and precise stacking operations.

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Everything you should know about Telescopic Loaders

Telescopic loaders are versatile and productive machines, designed to move more material with greater efficiency that combines the stacking height of telehandlers and the maneuverability of wheel loaders. They can be used for a variety of jobs including moving heavy loads off of trucks, cleaning up sites, moving materials, plowing snow, etc. So it is now enjoying great popularity all around the world. 

What Is A Telescopic Loader?

Telescopic wheel loaders belong to wheel loaders in construction machines which have a telescopic arm that provides considerably greater lift height and coverage in comparison to normal wheel loaders with load arms.  The name came from its telescopic cylinder, more ordinarily known as a boom, which can be stretched forward to oblige different attachments.

Benefits of Using A Telescopic Loader

Telescopic wheel loaders are becoming more popular in recent decades due to the diversity of applications in which they can be used. People tend to choose telescopic wheel loaders over traditional wheel loaders because the extended reach oftentimes allows them to purchase a smaller machine if they don’t need high break-out forces. Let’s take a quick view of the benefits of using a telescopic loader. 

Higher Reach Loading

The most outstanding feature of telescopic wheel loaders is that they can reach the boom for a higher or more distant place. Image when you need to load materials onto the truck which is high for most machines, the telescopic loaders could easily accomplish that. The important thing is they can load the material on the ground like a normal wheel loader, reach out the boom with the help of their own cylinder, and then dump them into the truck. 

Great Lifting Capacity

Because of the capacity of reaching the boom at a long distance, the lifting capacity is another great benefit to use the telescopic loader. HIXEN TL3000 model telescopic wheel loader could reach 5.5m with a rated load of 3000 kg, which could greatly improve the lifting capacity. However, all the lifting works have to be done with care, since it is not a crane. Also, maximum lift capability cannot be reached at maximum reach and should always be used with care.

Superior Versatility

Like excavators or skid steers, the telescopic loaders can also be fitted with other attachments like a bucket, muck grab, fork, or winch, etc. The extendable boom and ability to use a variety of attachments give the telescopic loader many different applications. They can be used for a variety of jobs including moving heavy loads off of trucks, cleaning up sites, moving materials, and plowing snow. Because of the additional lift height of these machines, contractors don’t necessarily need to invest in a larger machine to achieve the same lift height

Multiple attachments for various applications

Telescopic loaders are versatile machines for loading, stacking, and dumping materials and can easily manage high-sided trucks and material containers. Many industries and applications can benefit from this additional lift height. Additionally, many attachments such as forks, grapples, and high-level working platforms could be attached for various applications, including loading and unloading heavy material, assembling and compacting, and precise stacking operations.

Applications Of The Telescopic Wheel Loader

As mentioned above, telescopic wheel loaders could do many kinds of work. It is the perfect solution in many sectors where reaching the heights of a telehandler while maintaining the maneuverability of a wheel loader is essential. In addition to all kinds of attachments, the telescopic loader is quite useful in agriculture and construction sites.  

  • Wood chipping
  • Loads lifting
  • Trench digging
  • Truck loading
  • Grass or wood handling
  • Recycling service
  • Leveling or earthmoving
  • Debris or snow removal

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Telescopic Loader

1. Engine Power

Engine power could be the most important factor to consider when deciding which telescopic loader to choose. If too small, the engine will not be powered enough to complete the jobs. Meanwhile, there could some waste if the engine power is too big. Also, the cost of the machine is depending on engine power so we have to take this point into the most important consideration. 

2. Machine Dimensions

You will likely want to pay attention to the dimensions of your chosen telescopic loader, as these will help you decide how well it can fit your work. In some cases, we need a compact machine that is used to work in confined spaces, we have to take into consideration of the whole size of the machine. The dimensions can also give you an idea of how the work could be finished.  Before buying a telescopic loader, consider the dimension is very important. 

3. Boom Reaching Height and Distance

As the unique feature of the telescopic loader, the booming reaching height and distance could be an important factor to consider. When we are planning to load materials into a high truck or containers, for example, we have to estimate the height of the target place. Only with enough outreach, could the job be finished with success. 

4. Rated Load of The Telescopic Loader

Just like the conventional wheel loader, the basic feature of the telescopic wheel loader is its rated load. That means how much heavy materials could be loaded and dumped within the safe limit. Surely, the bigger the rated load, the better during operation. We should also consider the price of the machine since it is directly proportional to the rated load. 

5. Other Factors

There are also many other factors to consider before buying a telescopic loader. Like we should know the machine’s total weight and counterweight since they determine the stability. The bucket capacity determines the loading time and efficiency. The manufacturer or supplier or brand to choose considering the whole quality and price. 

Now the telescopic loader manufacturing technology has been quite mature in China. If you plan to purchase a qualified telescopic loader at an affordable price, you can contact us to import one from China. 

How to Buy A Telescopic Loader from China?

Telescopic wheel loaders are gaining popularity in the market due to their versatility, productivity, and various applications in agriculture and construction areas. There are many brands for our choices such as JCBKramer, etc. The quality of these brands is good enough while the price is also kind of high. So many people are wondering whether they can purchase reliable telescopic loaders at an affordable price from China. 

The answer is yes. After years of research and development, China’s telescopic loader technology has been quite mature, the quality is reliable, and the price is not high. There are a lot of manufacturers in China who could produce qualified telescopic wheel loaders at a relatively low cost. However, it can be a big challenge to import a telescopic wheel loader from China if it is your first time. So, please take reference to the following import process. 

1. Make a Plan Before Ordering

As with any other type of construction machine, you should always take time to make a plan for your specific work or investigate your local market if you intend to buy a telescopic loader from manufacturers in China. You should know the basics of the machine such as engine power, reach distance, lifting capacity, or some other details. Also, try to talk with the dealer in your local area to have a full understanding.

2. Search For The Right Supplier

Search–If you don’t have much experience in purchasing a telescopic loader, especially importing from China, that can be a great challenge. Luckily, with the help of the internet, you can search the manufacturer or suppliers easily on Google or even some other trading websites such as Alibaba or Made-in-China.  

Verify–Check the business license or other related certificates which could prove the authenticity or existence of the companies.  

Confirm Target–Go through their website or catalog to confirm whether they have the right machine for your needs. 

Finalize the Supplier–After the above processes, try to finalize the appropriate suppliers who have the right machine and are authentic. Then move to the next procedure.

3. Discuss with The Supplier

Once find the supplier, communicate with them for all the machine details including size, engine power, emission standard, working load, machine weight, price, production, package, delivery, etc. Every detail should be 100% clear so that you can sign a contract with them. 

Surely, price negotiation is an important process. Always try to ask for some discount from the telescopic loader manufacturers or suppliers. But don’t pay attention only to price, taking all the factors into consideration is a wise choice. 

4. Contract and Payment

After making all the details clear, then you should sign the contract with the telescopic loader supplier. Remember to write all the details including payment terms and delivery period and trade terms. 

How to guarantee the safety of our payment is the most important issue that is concerned. Especially when it comes to importing a telescopic loader from China, be cautious of the cheaters among the genuine suppliers. 

As for payment methods, wire transfer or T/T seems to be the most common and fast way. Meanwhile, L/C as another safe and old method is still playing an important role. Now for most suppliers in China, they accept 30% initial payment and 70% balance payment when the goods are ready for delivery. 

5. Production and Quality Check

When the above process is finished, the next step is to supervise the production and check the quality of your ordered telescopic loaders. The half-made product images or videos are the best options if you can not visit the production site. Remember to check each detail of the machine, whether the welding point is fluent, whether there is any leak of hydraulic oil, or whether there is some unnormal noise, etc. 

6. Delivery and Custom Clearance

After confirming the machine is well manufactured, then transfer the balance payment, and arrange the delivery. The most common trading terms like FOB, CIF, or DDU, transport the machine as what the contract rules. 

Most suppliers will pack the goods well and make them ready for delivery. If you are the first time importing goods from China, it’s better to find a forwarder or shipping agent to deal with the customs issue and your local delivery. 

This is the basic whole process of importing the telescopic loader from China. If you still got some questions, kindly please contact us. We are professional enough and always ready to provide you with the best suggestions. 

Why Choose HIXEN for A Telescopic Loader

HIXEN is made up of experienced engineers known for construction machine manufacturing of the highest quality. The company has got CE certified and also has EPA Tier4 and Euro5 emission standard certifications for its products. For a further focus on quality, HIXEN adopts a very strict testing and commission before the products delivered. 

  • Excellent technical support services
  • 13 years of experience
  • Skilled staff consisting of 110+ members
  • Exported to more than 30 countries.
  • Over 2000 sets machines output per year 


Telescopic loaders are versatile and productive machines, designed to handle more material at a longer distance with greater efficiency. Choosing the right supplier and the right machine could benefit us a lot. Contact us now and get your quote to purchase a telescopic wheel loader and its required attachments at an affordable price. 

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