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Wheel Excavator Manufacturer and Supplier

HIXEN is one of China leading wheeled excavator manufacturers and suppliers. The products have been supplied to over 30 countries with a great reputation. We are hoping for more distributors or dealers to join us for win-win success. 

HIXEN Wheel Excavator Supplier

China Wheeled Excavator Manufacturer

 As a powerful and productive construction machine, the wheeled excavator has been enjoying popularity for a long time in Asian, European, and American markets nowadays. Especially in China, the demand for wheeled excavators is increasing rapidly. 

HIXEN is the leading wheeled excavator manufacturer and wholesale supplier based in China.  Over the years, we focus on technology innovation and precise manufacturing, the wheeled excavators have gained a blossom on the domestic market and are supplied to over 30 countries. “Better Service, Higher Quality” is our fundamental towards our clients and business partners.  

Now we are looking for more dealers and distributors to join us. We will keep on providing the most reliable equipment and service with an affordable. Believe we could reach mutual success.

HIXEN Wheeled Excavator Lineup

At HIXEN, you can find the smallest mini wheeled excavator HW40 with only 4 ton of machine weight. But this model compact excavator machine is quite useful in confined spaces. The current biggest one is HW150 with an engine power of 140Hp. Now the new bigger one HW180 with a weight of 18 ton wheeled excavator is under-design and will be coming off soon. Let’s dig into the product lineup. Contact us now to know the latest product information.

Download Full Catalog to View More Products

Download our current catalog for an overview of all of our current product offerings, there are more detailed specifications and other details there.  You can select the model you are interested there, and request a quote from us. 

Applications of Wheel Excavators

If you are doing much work more than excavating and digging, then you might want to consider a wheeled excavator. Attached to grapples or some other tools, the wheeled excavator fills a range of job site roles, including in road building and maintenance, on utility projects, for general construction, and in municipal work. It will deliver much more than what we expected. Especially when it comes to working in different places, the wheel excavator is extremely excellent for its high-speed movability. 

Great Features of HIXEN Wheeled Excavators

We are experts at wheeled excavator manufacturing. After years of striving, our techniques have been quite skilled. Look at the great features of our wheeled excavators. We list 7 reasons why should you consider our products. 

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Why Choose HIXEN For Wheeled Excavators

Since the year of 2009, we started construction machines manufacturing and supplying. We have established cooperation with dealers and distributors in more than 30 countries because of the products’ reliable quality. Additionally, we focus on the technical guide and after-sales problems solving, which are the good reasons to choose wheeled excavators from us. 

Skilled Manufacturing: We have a professional technical team, which ensured skilled manufacturing. 

Quick Delivery: We have common models available in stock, and the production period is quick. 

Mature Technology: We focus on the latest technology and advanced production management, ensuring the products are built to satisfy current and future demands. 

Responsibility:  We are in charge of each product coming from our factory. Your payment will be safe, and your after-sales problems will be guaranteed. 

Have More Questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and company.

Everything you should know about wheeled excavators

Wheeled excavators are just as powerful and productive as crawler excavators.  Starting from European countries to Asian and American countries, wheel excavators have been enjoying a great population. This increasing popularity is because of mobility, urban-friendly use, and productivity. 

Benefits of Using A Wheeled Excavator

1. Wheeled Excavators Have A Great Versatility

The wheeled excavator can do all these things that the tracked excavator does, but it can also do them on hard surfaces a tracked machine would otherwise destroy. That gives wheeled excavators access to urban environments, paved roadways, building slabs, and parking lots.

With different attachments wheeled excavators can not only dig and do demolition work, but they can also move concrete barriers, clean ditches from the road, mow, cut asphalt and grind trees. When faced with mid-sized construction applications in an urban environment, the wheeled excavators have more advantages. 

2. Wheeled Excavators have better mobility

Wheeled excavators can travel at a speed of around 30 km/h and can cross paved surfaces between jobsites easily. This mobility comes in handy and can greatly improve productivity when you have multiple tasks to achieve around a large worksite. The versatility of a wheeled excavator and its ability to travel on paved roads in a single lane of traffic can drastically reduce transportation costs.

3. Wheeled Excavators are also stable for works

A common misconception about wheeled excavators is that you lose stability since there are no tracks contacting to the ground. That is simply not the case. With outriggers, a wheeled excavator is every bit as stable as a comparable crawler machine. In addition, the blade dozer could support the body by digging into the groud or touching the hard groud during operation. 

4. Wheeled excavators are better at lifting

The wheeled excavator’s center of gravity is a bit higher because of its wheels, so the digging depth is sacrificed while it has a better lifting capacity.  

5. You can expect more from HIXEN wheeled excavators

There are a number of great features you can expect from HIXEN. As mentioned above, our wheeled excavators are equipped with the famous brand engine like Kubota, Cummins, Yanmar, etc, together with a smooth hydraulic system and superior operating visibility, it is quite a enjoy of choosing a wheeled excavator from us. Additionally, we are undergoing a significant wheeled excavator lineup expansion, new models are coming with the latest technology. Contact us now to get an inquiry. 

Applications of Wheeled Excavators

As you may know, mini skid steer loaders also contain multiple applications, like mini excavators. You can do various tasks at your construction site using this compact construction equipment. But this highly versatile skid steer loader machine can do multiple jobs only through the help of different attachments. Some of the typical applications are listed as below

  • Wood chipping
  • Tree spading
  • Trench digging
  • Stump grinding
  • Materials transportation or handling
  • Property or site development
  • Underground construction
  • Leveling or earthmoving
  • Interior demolition
  • Post-hole digging
  • Debris removal
  • Heavy lifting, etc

Factors To Consider When Choosing Between a Tracked and Wheeled Excavator

1. Whole body stability

When it comes to the stability of the excavators, we certainly take tracked ones that are better. Actually, wheeled and tracked excavators are comparable in stability while working. Wheeled excavators do have stability arms and the dozer attachment to provide stability while working but the track provides even weight distribution while driving. They use outriggers on the machine to help to keep it stable. Additional stability is given when an equipped dozer attachment is lowered.

2. Whether Need To Move from sites frequently

If we have one job on the site and need to go to the next one quickly, a wheeled excavator will get from job A to job B faster. If the excavator will only be working in one site with less need to move equipment off-site, the increased depth of the dig and stability can help accomplish the job faster.

Additionally, if the job site is actually spread across multiple locations, many wheeled excavators can fold up and hit the road for a faster trip without another machine to carry them along.

3. Jobsites Working Conditions

Tracked excavators are better for soft, uneven land and hills.  The tracked excavator has a lower center of gravity, making it better for work on hills or steep terrain. They are great on sites where protecting the terrain isn’t a concern. If the site is particularly rocky, tracks won’t be punctured by uneven stone, rocks, or raw materials in certain worksites.

If you’re looking for a more versatile and powerful tool carrier while working on paved or urban areas, then wheeled excavators are more efficient. For road, urban, or bridge work, wheeled excavators provide a transportation and road friendly alternative. They can drive themselves from site to site and are safe to operate on finished pavement without worrying about damage to asphalt or concrete. With universal attachments they are capable of the same kind of tasks as tracked excavators and provide the same level of lifting and digging power.

4. The Transportation

Crawler excavators require more care and in some cases an additional piece of equipment such as a trailer to move them from one site to another. Wheeled excavators work well if you want to move equipment between sites to minimize downtown, especially if the equipment will need to drive over city roads. They could walk on the roads themselves at the speed of 30 km/h. This makes them an ideal construction machine.

5. Balance

If you need to balance stability, ground concerns, and maneuverability, you might want to also consider the size of your machine. A smaller, tracked excavator — or even a machine with rubber tracks — can often perfectly balance your needs.

6. Your Budget

Wheeled excavators can be more expensive upfront than tracked. However, when looking at long-term maintenance wheeled excavators cost less. Their undercarriage takes a lot less damage, is easier to change parts out, and the wheels and brakes last longer and are less expensive to replace. 

Wheeled can also be harder to find when looking to rent because they aren’t currently as popular. With increasing popularity, they may become more available in the rental market. On average renting is about 30-40% more expensive than tracked. We can only speculate whether this will go down if there is more availability on the market. This is why knowing your project and requirements of your machine is so important. 

How to Buy A wheeled excavator

1. Investigate Local market and make a plan

If you are doing lots of work in a more urban setting, then you might want to consider buying a wheeled excavator. As with other types of construction machines, you should always take time to make a plan for your specific work or investigate your local market if you intend to wholesale wheeled excavators or use them for multiple works. 

Also, you should have your target price on how much you’d like to spend on this machine. 

2. Try to find The Right Supplier or Manufacturer

If you don’t have much experience in purchasing a construction machine, especially importing the wheel excavator from China, that can be a great challenge. Luckily, with the help of the internet, you can search the manufacturer or suppliers easily on Google. 

Search on the internet is the quick way to find the right wheeled excavator suppliers. However, it can be confusing with so many search results there. While famous brands like Volvo, Cat, or Komatsu are always good choices, the price could also be high. If you want to buy a wheel excavator with reliable quality and affordable price, you can also consider importing one from China.  Some other trading websites such as Alibaba or Made-in-China are available for these products. 

3. Pay attention to details

Once find the supplier, communicate with them for all the machine details including

  • Machine Dimension,
  • Engine Power,
  • Emission Standard,
  • Working Load,
  • Machine Weight,
  • Price,
  • Production,
  • Package,
  • Delivery, etc.

Every detail should be 100% clear so that you can sign a contract with them. Surely, price negotiation is an important process. Always try to ask for some discount from the wheel excavator manufacturers or suppliers. But don’t pay attention only to price, taking all the factors into consideration is a wise choice. 

4. Payment

How to guarantee the safety of our payment is the most important issue that is concerned. Especially when it comes to importing a wheel excavator from China, be cautious of the cheaters among the genuine suppliers. 

As for payment methods, wire transfer or T/T seems to be the most common and fast way. Meanwhile, L/C as another safe and old method is still playing an important role. 

5. Production and Delivery

When the above process is finished, the next is to supervise the production and delivery of your ordered wheeled excavators. The half-made product images or videos are the best options if you can not visit the production site. Keep all the process tracked if the goods need long-term shipping. 

6. Receive Your Wheeled Excavator

If you are importing a wheel excavator from China or other countries, the customs issues have to be handled with care. Especially if you are new, better invite a broker or customs agent who could handle all the issues easily. After paying the importing taxes, then you can pick up and receive your wheeled excavators. 

Why Choose HIXEN for A Wheeled Excavator

HIXEN is made up of experienced engineers known for construction machine manufacturing of the highest quality. For a further focus on quality, HIXEN adopts very strict testing and commission before the products are delivered. You deserve more than the products themselves. 

  • Professional pre-sale negotiation
  • Excellent technical support services
  • 13 years of manufacturing experience
  • Skilled staff consisting of 110+ members
  • Exported to more than 30 countries.
  • Over 2000 sets of machines output per year 


Wheeled excavators are stable, powerful, and versatile enough to perform a wide variety of tasks. If you have long-run work or plan to rent them out, you should consider owning one. To purchase a new wheel excavator could be challenging, which depends on the fact of which manufacturer to choose. Contact us now and get your quote to purchase a skid steer loader or its required attachments.

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