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Crawler Mini & Medium Excavator

Manufacturer and Supplier

HIXEN is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of crawler excavators based in China. Mini Excavator, Zero Tail Mini Excavator, and Medium Excavator are all available. Exported to over 30 countries, we are hoping for more distributors to join us for the mutual success. 

Focusing On Crawler Excavator Manufacturing

HIXEN is the leading crawler excavator manufacturer and wholesale supplier based in China. Established at the year of 2009, we have formed the mature production line for mini excavators, and midi excavators. Most models could be equipped with Kubota or Perkins engines that satisfy the EPA Tier4 and EURO5 emission standards. Also, the Yanmar, and Cummins engines are available.  No matter whether you are looking for a reliable mini excavator supplier or need custom-made crawler excavator machines, we can assist.  

Conventional Mini Excavators

Conventional mini excavators are also the most common micro excavators at HIXEN. Range from 0.8 ton smallest micro digger to 3.5 ton small excavator, canopy and enclosed cabin both available, AC and heating optional, rubber or steel track, hydraulic pilot control, and boom swing function. Also, all the models are equipped with a backup hydraulic oil pipeline that the additional tools could be attached. 

Great Features of Mini Excavators

Mini excavators could maximize your versatility in preparing sites and moving landscaping materials. HIXEN micro excavators rated operating capacities from 800KG to 3500KG,  work comfortably in tight spaces and are easy to be transported by trailers. 

HIXEN mini excavator

Why Should We Choose A Mini Excavator

Mini excavators have a compact body that enables them to work in confined spaces. Additionally, a lot of tools such as breaking hammers, augers, rippers,  and grapples could be attached in place of buckets. So with a versatile range of functions, mini excavators are favored around up-and-coming areas where lighter equipment is needed for smaller earthwork jobs. 

1. Mini excavators have multiple functions

The micro excavators can be fitted with all types of attachments to diversify their abilities, such as Auger, Hammer, Grapple, Wide and Narrow bucket, Chuck blades, Thumb, Rake, etc. All these tools could be equipped to the machines with the help of a Quick Hitch with very fast speed and ease. The larger capacity of a mini excavator compared to a skid steer allows it to do digging, demolition, and trenching work.

2. Mini Excavators are easy to use

We don’t need a special license to operate the mini excavators. Any one of us could learn how to operate it after reading the basic functions of the button right side of the panel. With a very low speed, there are almost no risks during its walking. 

Also, mini excavators still have the ability to swing 360 degrees, which means that you don’t have to re-position dump trucks to adjust to the location of the excavator. The boom could be swinged individually, which increases its working flexibility. 

3. Mini excavators have less damages

Mini diggers are usually lighter in weight, so they will not have too much pressure on the road or the construction sites. Not only can they drive over parking lots with less hassle but are much easier to transport between projects. The rubber tracks fitted to smaller machines also help load the machine for transport, reducing the risk of slips.

4. Unique accessibility with tight body size

Mini excavators can easily maneuver into tight spaces. Accessibility is a major selling point to contractors and operators alike. Their compact size allows them to maneuver in places that full-size excavators, backhoes and even skid steer loaders have trouble accessing, making them ideal for small, narrow or congested jobsites

5. Mini excavators could work in different environment

Compared with a wheeled excavator, the mini crawler excavator with rubber tracks can handle wet and muddy terrain easily. Also, it will not have any damage to the road with the rubber tracks. 

6. Mini Excavators Can Improve Project Efficiency

There is a variety of sized mini excavators and attachments. It is not a good choice to use a big machine if you have limited work or are in a confined space.  Using a mini excavator on a per-project basis can be much more efficient than trying to use one standard-sized excavator for all jobs.

Reduced or Zero Tail Swing Mini Excavator

There are 5 models of zero tail swing mini excavators at our factory. They are used primarily in congested urban areas, such as road and bridge construction projects where traditional excavators cannot fit as easily.

mini excavator options

The Excavator Options You Can Choose

Both conventional mini excavators and reduced-tail swing mini excavators have more options for our reference. The typical ones are listed here. Also, we can customize the excavators according to your specific requirements. 

Everything You Should Know About Reduced or Zero Tail Swing Mini Excavators

A reduced or zero-tail-swing excavator configuration is ideal for working in limited or restricted spaces since the machine’s counterweight profile typically extends within the machine’s tracks. A zero tail-swing excavator’s upper body rotates only within the machine’s undercarriage width. You may be able to improve your job site productivity by closely evaluating your typical job site conditions and implementing a zero-tail-swing excavator in your construction equipment fleet.

1.Benefits of conventional Vs reduced tail swing excavator

A conventional excavator will usually achieve the maximum digging performance among all the different types on the market. A larger tail swing equals more leverage, in effect resulting in a larger output and capacity. These types of excavators are ideal for long-reach requirements or in wide-open spaces where there are no or little amounts of obstacles. Conventional excavators are also popular as cranes to lift large weights if necessary

The reduced or zero tail swing excavators offer ease of maneuverability which reduces damage to the machine, buildings, fences and other obstructions when working closely to them. It also allows operators to use machines in confined spaces or on roadsides with minimal traffic disruption

2. What to Consider To Choose A Mini Excavator

In addition to understanding how your excavator will be used, review the machine’s specifications and determine what configuration can meet your expectations. It can be difficult to narrow down the specifications of conventional and reduced-tail-swing excavators, but reviewing the machine’s specifications is as fundamental to purchase as a hands-on demonstration.

Core excavator specifications that should be taken into consideration, regardless of tail-swing-type, include:

  • Arm breakout force
  • Engine horsepower
  • Hydraulic flow
  • Lifting capacity
  • Maximum digging depth
  • Maximum loading height
  • Maximum reach, ground level
  • Operating weight

3. Attachment Versatility

Zero or reduced-tail-swing excavators can be just as versatile when paired with the right attachments. Popular attachments for a reduced tail swing excavator are:

  • Quick hitch
  • Hydraulic breaker
  • Rake
  • Compactor
  • Hydraulic grapple
  • Auger
  • Ripper
  • Thumb
  • etc.

4. Disadvantage of Using a reduced tail swing excavator


The first consideration when we decide what kind of machine to use is its efficiency. Over long periods of use reduced tail swing excavators are less efficient than conventional ones. This is because a conventional excavator can handle larger, faster loads than a reduced tail swing model. However, your decision to choose either machine should be down to the amount of access and space you have available.


Another disadvantage is the price. As a general rule, zero swing excavators have a higher starting price than similarly weighted excavators. Of course, this doesn’t apply to every machine and for some projects the advantages of a zero swing will far outweigh the price difference.


Another disadvantage to using a reduced or zero tail swing excavator is the ability to access and maintain them if something is to go wrong. As you can imagine, manufacturers have had to try and pack what space they have available with all the machines functioning components. This, in turn, can make maintaining some models far more difficult than a conventional excavator.


As the reduced or zero tail swing excavators are compact in design, the working cab or control space could be much smaller than the conventional ones. If the operator sits inside for a long time, it can be quite uncomfortable over time and reduces the productivity. 


5. Typical applications of the compact excavators

Zero tail swing excavators are ideal for most applications within the civil engineering, utilities, construction, and landscaping industries.

  • Installing pools and hot tubs. Mini excavators are the perfect solution for digging out in-ground pools or hot tubs, even in the smallest of backyards. The machine’s maneuverability and power, coupled with precision handling, make it a go-to for residential earthworks.
  • Repairing sewer lines. Mini excavators allow operators to efficiently move dirt when repairing sewer lines, as well as fit in tight spots near structures. After the repair is completed, they be used to level the yard using an attachment such as a dozer blade.
  • Tree installation/removal. A mini excavator can make quick work of digging holes for tree transplants, and then backfill over the root ball. With the right attachments it can remove even larger trees. A thumb grapple attachment is handy for digging up stumps.
  • Demolishing small structures. Barns, sheds, or other structures can all be taken down using a mini excavator. The machine can also be used to load debris onto the back of a trailer for disposal.
  • Drilling for posts, drainage or landscaping. Using an auger attachment, mini excavators can easily drill deep into soil or concrete for installing fence posts, road signage or trees.

6. The Verdict

Whether a reduced or zero-tail swing excavator is right for you comes down to the work you do. Zero-swing excavators are incredibly versatile and can often perform just as well as traditional excavators in some situations. When you need to work in a tight, narrow area they are the best choice. If you are not sure about which one to choose, kindly please contact us for more advise. 

Midi And Medium Excavator List

Besides the mini and small excavators, some middle-sized crawler excavators are also available. From the 6 ton HX65 model to the HX230 model, with superior performance and great efficiency. If you have some larger construction works, the midi excavators could be your better choice. 

Great Features of Midi Excavators

The middle-sized excavators from 6 tons to 23 tons are the most commonly used construction machine in urban areas or basic construction sites. HIXEN midi excavators have been enjoying a great populations around the world in over 30 countries. We are hoping for more dealers to contact us for business cooperation. Look at the great features of our mini excavators. 

Play Video about HIXEN 6 ton midi excavator

Download Full Catalog to View More Products

Download our catalog for an overview of all of our current product offerings, including features and benefits, specifications, performances, details, and designs. Or you can ask us directly about our mini skid steer loaders. 

A Brief Self-Nomination, Why Choose HIXEN Crawler Excavators

Since the year of 2009, we started manufacturing mini excavators. Over the years, we have supplied to over 30 countries including our domestic market. We insist the continues innovation and try to deliver not only reliable qualified products but also the value of helping clients enjoy a  better life. Now all the attachments are made by ourselves, catering to different working conditions and environments. 


Precision Manufacturing: We follow the precision manufacturing method, ensuring each product is reliable to use. 

Customer-Focused: We offer application-specific solutions through bespoke products that fully fit the needs of our customers.

Technology-driven: We focus on the latest technology and advanced production management, ensuring the products are built to satisfy current and future demands. 

Responsibility:  We are in charge of each product coming from our factory. Your payment will be safe, and your after-sales problems will be guaranteed. 

Have More Questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and company.

Everything you should know about crawler excavators

1.What Are Crawler Excavators?

The crawler excavator is a tracked vehicle that moves upon crawler tracks. Crawler excavators get the name compared to wheeled excavators which walk forward through one track on each side of the body. The tracks increase the contact area and reduce the pressure on the ground so that it can work smoothly on soft ground.

2.What Are the Benefits of Using A Crawler Excavator

Crawler excavators can better deal with all kinds of harsh environments, and cross various obstacles, such as hillsides, ridges, etc., without being affected by road conditions. They can be competent in any environment and are widely used in construction sites and areas with poor road conditions.

Crawler excavators can be equipped with various attachments, making them perfect for various tasks, from digging trenches to lifting heavy loads.

On mining or some other bad conditions, you can only find the crawler excavators working there. They are capable of working in mining projects or muddy areas with stronger grade ability.

Also, crawler excavators are more affordable when you consider buying a new one. 

3.What Are Different Types of Excavators?

According to the walking method

  • Crawler or Tracked excavator
  • Wheeled Excavator

According to the machine size

  • Mini or Compact Excavator
  • Midi or Medium Excavator
  • Large or Big Excavator

According to design

  • Conventional Excavator
  • Reduced or Zero Tail Swing Excavator

4.Applications Where Crawler Excavators Used?

Excavators are consists of an engine, pump, boom, arm, bucket, cabin, and undercarriage as the main components. They are used for construction jobs, digging purposes as well as various lifting and carrying tasks in various applications. Here we list some of the basic applications below. 

  • Lifting and placing large pipes
  • Digging or Excavating
  • Drilling holes using augers
  • Stump grinding
  • Materials transportation or handling
  • Property or site development
  • Pavement breaking with a Hammer
  • Leveling or earthmoving
  • Interior demolition
  • Post-hole digging
  • Debris removal

5.Factors To Consider Before Buying A Crawler Excavator

5-1. Dimensions

You will likely want to pay attention to the dimensions of your chosen crawler excavators, as these will help you decide how well they can fit your work. The dimensions can also give you an idea of how the work could be finished and how will you transport this excavator machine. If your working space is very tight, this mini digger could be the ideal option. And each manufacturer has a specific dimension for their different models. 

5-2. Engine Power

Engine power could be the most important factor to consider when deciding which excavator to choose. If too small, the engine will not be powered enough to complete the jobs. Meanwhile, there could some waste if the engine power is too big. Also, the cost of the machine is depending on engine power so we have to take this point into the most important consideration. 

5-3. Versatility of the components

For the construction machine operator or owner, the most concerning problem is whether they could find the parts or components easily locally when facing an equipment breakdown. So before buying an excavator, you must consider the machine’s components’ versatility. 

If you find most components or parts in this crawler excavator are the common ones that are quite easy to get, then don’t hesitate to choose on the condition that it is the same price and configuration as others. 

5-4. Attachments

Before choosing a crawler excavator, you should be clear about what kind of attachments it could be attached. Just as described above, select some of them according to your actual work. Of you can take some advice from the machine suppliers. Only with the right attached tools, the excavators could reach their utmost utilization.

6.How to buy a crawler excavator from us

6-1. Plan Before Ordering

As with any other type of construction machine, you should always take time to make a plan for your specific work or investigate your local market if you intend to wholesale the crawler excavators from the manufacturers. 

6-2. Search For The Right Supplier

If you don’t have much experience in purchasing a tracked excavator, especially importing the machine from China, that can be a great challenge. Luckily, with the help of the internet, you can search the manufacturer or suppliers easily on Google or even some other trading websites such as Alibaba or Made-in-China.  

Input the keywords, try the select the ones ranking top list, and contact the excavator wholesalers or suppliers. Or you can ask for friend for some information. 

6-3. Negotiation and Sign Contract

Once find the supplier, communicate with them for all the machine details including size, engine power, emission standard, working load, machine weight, price, production, package, delivery, etc. Every detail should be 100% clear so that you can sign a contract with them. 

Surely, price negotiation is an important process. Always try to ask for some discount from the excavator manufacturers or suppliers. But don’t pay attention only to price, taking all the factors into consideration is a wise choice. 

6-4. Payment

How to guarantee the safety of our payment is the most important issue that is concerned. Especially when it comes to importing a crawler excavator from China, be cautious of the cheaters among the genuine suppliers. 

As for payment methods, wire transfer or T/T seems to be the most common and fast way. Meanwhile, L/C as another safe and old method is still playing an important role. 

6-5. Production and Delivery

When the above process is finished, the next is to supervise the production and delivery of your ordered excavators. The half-made product images or videos are the best options if you can not visit the production site. Keep all the process tracked if the goods need long-term shipping. 

7.Why Choose HIXEN for A Crawler Excavator

HIXEN is made up of experienced engineers known for construction machine manufacturing of the highest quality. The company has got CE certified and also has EPA Tier4 and Euro5 emission standard certifications for its products. For a further focus on quality, HIXEN adopts a very strict testing and commission before the products delivered. 

  • Excellent technical support services
  • 13 years of experience
  • Skilled staff consisting of 110+ members
  • Exported to more than 30 countries.
  • Over 2000 sets machines output per year 


Crawler excavator has more advanced functions than other construction types of equipment. But it also depends on the fact of which manufacturer to choose. Contact us now and get your quote to purchase a crawler excavator or its required attachments.

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