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Wheeled Excavators | 5 Best Reasons to Consider Them In 2023

wheeled excavators


Wheeled excavators are mostly seen at construction sites performing various tasks and saving time. Experts can suggest that an excavator can be the best investment for your construction site. Just like different construction equipment, excavators also come in different sizes. Not only sizes, but they also come in different types to fulfill your needs.

Before you consider any excavator for your construction site, you must know some factors. For example, your requirements, types of jobs to perform, job site conditions, and much more. This article will show the 5 most common reasons to consider a wheeled excavator. Let’s continue reading.

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What Is a Wheeled Excavator?

A wheeled excavator is a type of excavator that is mounted on wheels instead of tracks. It is also called a backhoe or backhoe loader. A wheeled excavator is a type of construction equipment that is used for digging and moving earth, as well as for grading, leveling, and demolition.

Wheeled excavator typically consists of a cab or operator’s compartment, a boom, an arm, and a bucket or other attachment. The cab is situated on top of the undercarriage, which includes the wheels or tracks. The boom and arm reach and dig into the ground, and the bucket or other attachment is used to scoop up and move the earth.

Wheeled excavators are typically used for digging and grading on flat surfaces, such as roads and building sites. They are also used for demolition and other tasks that require greater mobility than a tracked excavator.

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Why Should You Consider Wheeled Excavators for Your Construction Sites?

Wheeled excavators have been used in Europe and Asia for decades. These excavators are top-rated as they offer several advantages over their tracked counterparts. Some of the reasons you should consider a wheeled excavator are given below.

You’re Not Sacrificing Performance

A misconception about wheeled excavators is that they need to be more stable—wheeled excavators use outriggers that can become as stable as a crawler excavator. If compared to the tracked excavator, there will be no sacrifice on power, reach or digging depth, or breakout/tear-out forces.

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They’re More Than Just for Roadside Work

For roadside work, wheeled excavators are great due to their versatility and mobility. Small-wheeled excavators are used in road work for less traffic disturbance. These wheels easily transition from digging to placing concrete barriers after a quick attachment swap. 

 Using a wheeled excavator, you can do much more than roadwork. For instance, swap your outrigger for a dozer blade and add a tilt rotator, and you will have a mobile and versatile machine for utility installation. You can fit the excavator with a hydraulic elevating cab and grab an arm for material handling.

You can make a perfect machine for waste handling by adding guarding package and a ventilation system. Outfitting them with rotation grapple and solid tires, you can easily travel in a scrap yard with enough finesse to dissemble a car part by part. Many other applications of wheeled excavators make it considerate enough for the contractor to buy or rent them.

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Saving on Labor and Cleanup

Wheeled excavator having a speed of 20 mph, you can avoid using a CDL and lowboy for around-town work. It can haul up to 8.5 tons of trailers with all the attachments and supporting tools. This excavator saves lots of time and labor as well.

Wheeled excavator does not damage asphalt or any hard outer layer, which means less money and time well spent on cleanup.

Less Time Consumption In  Repositioning

Tilt rotators, for instance, steel wrist, available on wheeled excavators, can improve productivity. It allows 360-degree rotation of attachment. There is also a 45-degree tilt from the right to the left side. There is a claw on the back of the steel wrist, a two-finger grapple which is great for utility work.

For instance, you want to replace a section of pipe. You must park your vehicle in a still position and adjust the bucket angle. It should be positioned in such a way that it gets the sides, top, and bottom of the pipe. After that, rotate 180 degrees, open your claw and grab the pipe.

Then pull it out of the ground, using the same claw, and lower the other replacement pipe. This process can all be done without repositioning the machine. 

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Flexible Configuration

A wheeled excavator can be fitted with various attachments and a range of arms to perform multiple jobs. An operator using a two-piece boom can perform a variety of jobs. For instance, from placing a jersey barrier to digging a trench to laying a culvert and cleaning up the work site with the front blade.

With these excavators, you handle multiple tasks on the road job, without the need for additional equipment. Using attachments possibilities of performing multiple jobs are limitless. Wheeled excavators can also cut trees and bushes alongside the roadway without damaging the asphalt.

What Are The Advantages Of A Wheeled Excavator?

Wheeled excavators are versatile, mobile, and faster, with lower ground pressure, less maintenance cost, and more cost-effective and fuel-efficient than traditionally tracked excavators. These factors make Wheeled excavators an excellent option for many construction and demolition projects. Some of the other advantages of the wheeled excavator are given below.

The Wheeled Excavator Is More Suitable for City Projects

Traditional excavator tracks are too hard to work on city streets or foundations. It can rip or ruin the roads, wasting money, time and workforce. So you will need powerful and refined equipment for urban jobs. Wheeled excavators are efficient in projects within developed areas and roadwork. It is a tracked excavator but on rubber wheels.

Wheeled excavators are road-friendly, unlike tracked excavators. Rubber tire excavators can work on the road without damaging the upper layer. So there is no need to repave torn-up asphalt or to deal with cleanups owing to the wheeled excavator. These excavators can be used in building slabs, paved roads, parking lots, and urban environments.

Transportation Friendly

Wheeled excavators do not require rubber track pads, boards, or other equipment to transport them from one site to another. Having a speed of 22mph (35 kph, It can easily be driven from one construction to another. A dual hydraulic boom allows for overcoming blindspots during transport.

Another positive thing about a wheeled excavator is that you do not have to the road for transportation due to its compact size. These excavators are great for performing a task in a single traffic line. These would be helpful in an area that already experiences traffic congestion.

Wheeled excavator is more expensive, but their maintenance is cheap. The wheels and brakes of the excavator last long, and replacing parts is very easy and can be done quickly. Tracked excavators have the same abilities as that wheeled excavators, as their attachments are universal. Wheels are urban-friendly and economical.

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It Helps to Keep Up With Infrastructure Investments.

Wheeled excavators are appealing for infrastructure-specific jobs as this excavator has the ability to perform construction on existing infrastructure without damaging the surrounding roads and developed areas.

Wheeled excavators are economical in the long run due to their low maintenance. These excavators maximize profit for the contractors who win bids by reducing the machine’s maintenance cost. The bid amount is also reduced by alleviating the to fix damaged roads after the completion of the projects.

They Have Already Stolen the Hearts of Europeans 

Wheeled excavators have become popular in North America and are following the trend in Europe. These wheeled excavators are popular because of their versatility, speed, and mobility. These benefits are great for performing construction in North America.

They can move quickly and efficiently to different job sites, and their compact size allows them to access tight spaces that other types of excavators cannot. Additionally, they have a wide range of attachments, such as buckets and hammers, that can be easily swapped out to perform different tasks, making them versatile tools for construction and demolition projects.

Wheeled excavator is great for urban environments and valuable for completing projects within cities. These excavators have a very high efficiency in fuel consumption and maintenance. 


Wheeled excavators are versatile, mobile, faster, cost-effective, fuel efficient, and have lower maintenance costs and ground pressure. This makes wheeled excavators a great option for many construction and demolition projects. Contact Us now to get the quote for your best Wheeled excavator. We are always here to help you and answer your questions.

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